Meet Robobo

Future robots will be intelligent, so they will be able to carry out different tasks autonomously. Today students, and everyone who aims to be prepared for this near future, must understand how this new type of robotics work. Hence, the future of robotics is in education.

The first step towards learning intelligent robotics is having tools that can be used in our homes, schools and labs. Affordable tools with the same technology used in future robots. Is that possible? Well, here is where Robobo comes in!!

A.I. in Education

AI topics should be addressed at general education levels using real embedded devices with sufficient technological capability, like Robobo. In secondary and high schools, basic concepts regarding advanced sensing and autonomous behavior programming can be introduced. In Universities, AI topics focused on machine learning should be incorporated.

Current smartphones have the technological level required for AI teaching in terms of sensors, actuators, computing power and communications; and they will have it in the future because they are being continuously upgraded. 

Proven technology

After the official launch in February 2019, Robobo is present in many educational institutions in Europe, Asia, America and Oceania. Primary, secondary and high schools are currently introducing AI to their students with our teaching units. Universities and research centers use Robobo too due to its price/technology ratio, long-term life, and reliability of many smartphone manufacturers. The team behind Robobo is continuously updating the teaching units with new challenges, and developing new programming tools to improve the learning experience.

We provide direct support to the educational centers and teachers, creating private communication channels to provide answers to the specific questions of our customers.