What is Robobo?

Future robots will be autonomous, so they will be able to carry out different tasks without continuous supervision. Today children, and everyone who aims to be prepared for this near future, must understand how this new type of robotics work. Hence, the future of robotics is in education.

The first step towards learning autonomous robotics is having tools that can be used in our homes, schools and labs. Affordable tools with the same technology used in future robots. Is that possible? Well, here is where Robobo comes in!!

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All the technology provided by Robobo can be used independently of your programming skill level. We have created a programming framework that allows to program Robobo from a computer through a WI-FI connection.

The framework is organized into three levels: Scratch blocks for starting programmers, JAVA Android libraries for intermediate ones, and ROS libraries for advanced users. With this framework, you will have access to all the sensors and actuators of your smartphone, together with all the capabilities included in the Android OS.

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The team behind Robobo is coordinated by University Professors specialized in autonomous robotics. We have been carrying out international research projects on robotics and intelligent systems for more than 20 years, both for academia and industry. This broad experience provides us with a clear vision of the appropriate robotic tool to start working in autonomous robotics.

Robobo is that tool. It has a low cost for educational institutions, a long-life cycle because it is continuosly updated with the student's smartphone, and it allows developing impressive projects in the classroom.